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Company Registration | RP Gupta & Associates

India is a land of business opportunities. Establishing a new venture in the country requires an enrolment into the government ledger. A business establishment requires registration. Therefore, startup registration is mandatory here.
There are several formalities related to documents, approval from the civic authorities, sanction letters from Municipal Corporation, approval of infrastructure design (office design) from the fire department, and so on required in new company registration. You will of course require an advocate, an advisor, and a team to maintain the company registration process.

RP Gupta & Associates is the name on which you can trust.You could be an Indian or an NRI, the team at RP Gupta & Associates will enable you to get your company registered swiftly within the stipulated period.

Why register a company in India?

You need to register a company to avail yourself of benefits and create a stock value in the market. A company has to follow guidelines levied by the authorities. You get a company registration number after the submission of essential documents. The process requires a stipulated period for document and compliance verification.

Formalities of private company registration

Listing a corporation is easy through RP Gupta & Associates. At least two individuals are essential to act as shareholders and directors. The director’s address proof, PAN card, and bank statement are mandatory along with address proof of the listing office.

How long does it take for online company registration?

Regularly, the registrations get complete within 2 weeks. The meeting time would differ depending on the duration by our clients to submit the essential documents and government handing out time.

What is a company incorporation certificate?

During the firm registration process, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) delivers company incorporation certificates as a PDF document. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs only offers a soft copy of the incorporation certificate.
Private Limited Company is the most general kind of business entity in India. More than 20 lakh organizations have adopted registration in India as of October 2020. Under the Companies Act, 2013, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs administers entire enterprises cataloged in India.
Every year RP Gupta & Associates assist thousands of organizations across India. The Online company registration process is accomplished online on RP Gupta & Associates in less than ten days. The registration process becomes possible and quick with assistance from experienced incorporation experts.

Businesspersons register a company in India to make an occupation that is well observed by suppliers, customers, the Government, and bankers. By establishing a company, an industrialist has the aptitude to generate a small or large trade that can easily raise capital and gauge seamlessly to any extent. Shares signify the possession of a business. Thus, the ownership of a corporation is shared or relocated to any other Indian or Foreign legal entity or person.
The directors of a corporation are also effortlessly replaceable. Hence, on a business permit, an Entrepreneur effortlessly raises capital and transmission ownership without any brothers. A private limited corporation delivers limited liability guard to its shareholders. In case of any unanticipated losses, constitutional or legal liabilities, the shareholders of the business can never be held responsible. Only the Directors of a private limited company are said to be responsible entities on various statutory liabilities.

A corporation can increase equity capital from individuals or entities absorbed in flattering a shareholder. Entrepreneurs can raise cash from angel investors, private equity firms, venture capital firms, and hedge funds. A business can also increase debt backing from banks, financial organizations, and NBFCs effortlessly.
A private limited company is documented as a detached entity with a devoted PAN. By the PAN and incorporation certificate of the business, an Entrepreneur can open a current account in a single day with any bank.

Why is company registration in India mandatory?

Businesspersons select to register a company because of numerous reasons. Two of the foremost reasons are that a corporation is a separate legal entity having continuous succession. Hence, a company is not affected by the insanity, death, or liquidation of a discrete member. Below mentioned are the crucial reasons to register a company in India:

  • Equity Raising:
    A business is the only kind of legal entity, which can aid the promoters to raise equity subsidies from Private Equity Firms and the Stock Exchange.

  • Perpetual Succession:
    An establishment is measured to be legally lively until it is wound up by its memberships through a legal procedure.

  • Separate Legal Entity:
    As per Law, a corporation is an artificial judicial individual recognized under the Companies Act.

  • Transferability of Shares:
    The number of stocks detained by its shareholders regulates the proprietorship of a private limited company.

  • Limited Liability:
    This limited liability shield is not afforded to Directors of a company - who are apprehended and accountable for the operation of a business.

  • Owning Assets:
    An establishment can gain, possess, and transfer any kind of tangible or intangible asset in India.